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14727 87 Ave Edmonton, AB
780-HUG-WEED (484-9333)
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The Local Cannabist is dedicated to serving the needs of local cannabis consumers in Laurier Heights, Lynnwood, Jasper Place, and Parkview.

We also serve Edmontonians from surrounding neighborhoods, visitors from across Alberta, and travellers from around the world, looking for the best cannabis in Edmonton.



14727 87 Ave Edmonton, AB T5R 4E5

Store Hours: M-S: 10AM – 11PM  Sun: 10AM – 8 PM

Private Appointments: M-F 10AM – 2PM Phone/Text: 780-HUG-WEED (484-9333)

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The Local Cannabist
14727 87 Avenue Northwest B1
Edmonton, AB
T5R 4E5

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Phone/Text: 780-HUG-WEED (484-9333)


Always enjoy your cannabis safely, legally, and in moderation, with TLC.

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